Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Scoundrels at the gate

In recent days the United States of America has received a less than usual  rating of it's credit  worthiness from (1.)Standard & Poor's (S&P), in fact, it is the first downgrade of this nations credit worthiness from one of the three rating securities house,(2.) Moody's has hinted that it may follow suit in a rating that is less than what this country is accustom to. Given the spectacle that has been displayed to the world in the last months that were intensified in the last few weeks, speaking of the raising of the debt ceiling, in which Grover Norquist, the Tea Party Caucus along with the speaker of the House of Representatives (John Boehner)  and the newly elected members of congress of the republican party has put on quite a three ring circus. When fools parade; 'O' what a display of ignorance! For S&P official, Mr. Beers, to downgrade the rating of this country from triple 'A' to double 'A plus' is completely asinine, and most especially coming from an entity that rated junk bonds with a favorable rating right up to the collapse of the economy in 2008. I, for one, do not find Mr. Beers or his staff decision colorable, albeit, the rating is likely to have adverse effect on the country's doing its business. It has not been reported at the present whether(3.) Finch, one of the three rating entities will join in to downgrade the U.S. credit  worthiness. S&P along with the tea party crowd has much to blame for the state in which we find ourselves in concerning this downgrade, and I can tell you without any ambiguity that the fight is far from being over, in fact, I, along with other professionals in this field of looking at the ratings as well as the upcoming discussions of this country's economical picture  think this perhaps is only the beginning. It may be that those that has driven us to the cliff's edge can be thought of as enemies of the state (to borrow one of Hollywood's movie title). I have spoken of  President Obama having found his voice, but unless I should see him stand up  and make a firm showing against the Scoundrels at the gate, I am going to think, he has no spine. It seems as though he spend far too much time in the ring of being civil. I am reminded of something Mark Twain said: " In certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief even to prayer," those that has cause this trip on the road to hell need a little if not a lot, "a damn ass kicking (DAK)". Thus far, the tea party crowd and most of the republicans has been nothing less than pests, and it is past time that someone take their asses out back and ride them like ugly on an ape. I am almost overwhelmed with consternation as to why President Obama has allowed such discourse to have it's way. Meet the scoundrels at the gate Mr. President, and turn them around before it's too late.